Pawan Kumar Singh

The Difference that makes the difference

Having served various brands and companies, Pawan Kumar Singh – an experienced and motivational speaker with spiritual bugs in mind, could not camouflage his raving urge to follow his inner voice of disseminating the art of healthy, peaceful and successful living to people at large.

This gave birth to "NLP GUJARAT" a name synonymous with excellence, connectivity and innovation that it brings to human lives. With firm believe and a solid vision in mind to take the entire world in his stride, he kicked off many ventures in the domain since 2009

Let's Bust Your Mental Blocks With Us!

By our quality session "Reverse Engineering Brain" at close to nature



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Master the tools

Nlp gujarat helps individuals to master the tools and skills to achieve desired outcome.


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Program your Neurology

Get superior abilities, Get it installed.


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Easy to transform Self

Use it for anything you desire, motivate yourself and rediscover yourself.


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Mastering the Business

Suceess requires a new you and so time to unlearn the limits learned since chlildhood and let's reinvent you and learn to manifest it now.


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Transforms your Destiny

Influence the unconscious mind of you anytime,anywhere, learn new skills,get excellence of you & Be whatever you choose to be !


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The power of unconscious Mind

Learn to break free of the limiting beliefs and negative mindset that keep you away from being wealthy,prosperous,healthy and abundant. Learn to master the power of unconscious mind.


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I used to have absolute anxiety about everything and anything I do at Office or Home. Now, my anxiety has come down so much that I am able to enjoy every minute doing what I do, without worrying about anything unnecessarily. NLP GUJARAT Practitioner Course has given me a lot of Happiness and peace In My Life.
-Nidhi Trivedi/HR Manager
Extremely Helpful. Learned Many New Things.
-Jaideep khanuja
Training was awesome..and I recommend to enhence more useful techniques to improve our work growth n thus profits..Pawan sir has literally made the whole environment so joyful and in peace ....ever best trainer...thanks
-Tanishka Singhavi
Very satisfied with the concept is being presented. In my opinion, every single person should attain this programme. And the way PAWAN sir connect with people is very appreciable.
-Karan Kapadiya
I m very thankful to our trainer Mr. Pawan Kumar Singh, He is very generous and makes us understand things easily and gives answers of our question in his best possible way to get us as much clarity as he could. Through this NLP Session I have learned how to communicate with my unconscious mind to easily achieve my goals.
-Ekta Parmar
One Word Excellent
-Ankit Agrawal
It was useful and very interesting…
Yes it can help me to transform me in less time…
-Prem Kumar Kheria
Best learning program done by mr.pawan sir this is a very very mind blowing learning program and mr.pawan sir knowledge is awesome i have never seen this type of knowledgeable person in my life suggestions for orgenizer and pawan sir for learning session time punctuality and this is helpful for learner and well mr. Pawan sir know all about this if this is done then your personality is more and more powerful and magnetic and you can do more and more people life changing well please promise me mr.pawan sir done this love you pawan sir for giving me world best knowledge thank you very much pawan sir.
-Parag Marvaniya
Wonderful and new experience. It would be the parh to start a new journey of exploring more and more out of most powerful brain.
-Yogesh Vithlani
Program is very good,I improve my self in attending this event & very thankful Pawan sir
-Praveen Kumar Sahu
The program was extraordinarily good, it changed the way in which I used to deal with situations. It completely changed my perception and way of thinking. I would like to join the further program held.
-Divyanshu Dwivedi
For me it was Wonderful Experience in my life till now. I have alot in this 5 days. It has Changed my thinking. Make me More Lighter. Want to Say about the Sir that he is very much friendly, helpful and lovable.Thank You Sir.Its My Pleasure to have you In My Life.
-Dr. Kalpesh Hirani

Why NLP ?

NLP Is All About Modeling. Modeling Is At The Heart Of Any NLP Practitioner. Learning NLP Well Will Change Your Life If You Use NLP To Enhance, Say, Your Inter Personal Skills THen That Is NLP- For You. The Same applies If You Use It For Any Desired Outcome In Your Life.
Simply put, It's proven to work. NLP can assist with improving a range of different behavioral and emotional actions to result in closer relationships and easier communication with others. Those seeking better communication and connections with other people will find NLP beneficial for supplying the blueprint to control both behavior and emotions. With thousands now understanding the techniques of NLP, these people have the ability to apply NLP to their everyday lives. NLP is an acronym for Neuro Linguistic Programming. These methods are the very same methods used by hundreds of successful business people including Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Anthony Robbins and Bill Gates.In a nutshell, NLP is the study of excellence and how to produce the specific results you desire in your life on a consistent basis.

1.Work and business – All your eggs in one basket – the risks of being dependent on too few sources

2.NLP and Branding: how do your customers perceive you?

3.Handle the Job Interview with NLP skill – how to proactively manage your interview

4.How to use NLP to deal with interview nerves

5.Professional presentation skills are critical: NLP how to present with impact

6.Ideas about NLP and Teamwork – – from NLP Annual Conference presentation

7.A key concept in team development: None of us is as smart as all of us – how a team can be smarter that the individuals who are part of it

8.NLP and sales: How to use NLP in selling

9.Selling without listening – when their ‘receive button’ seems to be out of service

10.How NLP has applications in management

11.Thinking or doing? ‘Let’s talk about it’ versus ‘Let’s get started’

You will get a values-based personal and professional development programme, unique exercises and techniques, lifelong support as an NLP practitioner, support for integrating your NLP skills and attitudes into your career, life and relationships, a session on ethics, free membership of my NLP Elite Group, the world’s best personality profile and report, performance poetry, mystery guests, stories, my recipe for fish stew, discounts on all future events and of course much more. You will learn how to install NLP attitudes into every fibre of your being. It will also open your mind and go on doing so until you choose to impose limits (and no-one is going to make you choose your limits because it is your mind so it is your choice).

Our exclusive NLP Practitioner, you will discover

Chaining Anchors
Collapse Anchors
Eye Pattern Recognition
Powerful Linguistic Presuppositions
Mapping Across
Metaphor Techniques
The Presuppositions of NLP
Parts Integration
Rapport Methods
Reframing Methodologies
Representational Systems and Predicates
Sensory Acuity
Understanding NLP Submodalities
Belief Change Scripts and models
Swish Pattern Techniques
The Hierarchy of Ideas
The Meta Model
The Milton Model
And much, much more!

The NLP Gujarat was founded in 2014 by Pawankumar Singh, a leading authority on NLP and Hypnosis to deliver results focused training and coaching solutions. Having been studying Accelerated Learning, Hypnosis and NLP from the age of twenty Pawan has applied these tools to his own professional development.

Pawan has been successfully delivering high quality training and coaching business solutions since 2001 before choosing to specialize in NLP and Hypnosis in 2011.
“We don’t deliver feel good courses. People have fun on our programme and they also get the tools they need for results”.
"NLP and Hypnosis can be used to improve the quality of results in any area of our life, but they are not magic stick that you can just wave and make things better. The quality of your results will always be dependent on how strongly you desire to achieve them. If you are committed to creating your success then we are committed to helping you to get there.”
Call The NLP Gujarat now on 09904702999 to know more about our NLP training courses or any of our other courses (yes, we do a lot more than just NLP.)


The mission of the NLP GUJARAT is ‘to set the educational standard in the field.’ We do this through constantly pushing the boundaries, offering the highest quality of resources to our family of students and community.

Attend a course with the NLP Gujarat and you will find a hub of intellectual excellence integrated with real world application. This means you can immediately put your NLP knowledge to work. With The NLP GUJARAT you will enjoy an environment of innovative learning being in the company of likeminded people also dedicated to quality. You instantly become a member of a community committed to personal & professional excellence.


The NLP GUJARAT is the India’s leading centre of NLP Learning and Excellence, we deliver the highest quality NLP Educational Programmes available in the India today. Our syllabus ranges from personal and corporate excellence courses, to the highest class of NLP Certification. Our Graduates attain the Highest Level of distinction and ability available anywhere in the India.

The NLP GUJARAT was founded in 2014 by Pawankumar Singh one of the India’s Leading NLP Trainers. Motivated by his desire to bring back the highest quality into the field of NLP and fuelled with innovation, creativity and enthusiasm NLP Gujarat has brought new levels of excellence into the field of NLP. We deliver the very best for you to achieve personal excellence through Real NLP.



The NLP GUJARAT is the only NLP Company that has invested in our students learning by creating our own custom built Training Centre of Excellence. When you attend an NLP course, you welcomed into our home, and treated as our guest. The difference is you will experience a far deeper and richer learning experience than if you took a course in a crammed and noisy hotel and other venues that most NLP companies use.


The NLP GUJARAT since its inception quickly became a leader in the field. When we move others follow. The NLP GUJARAT is the first company to develop a true accelerated learning approach for NLP Training. To support our NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses we developed the NLP Study Manual and DVD Sets. The study sets are in full multi media format and enable our learners to transform their computers into a personal NLP learning centre Corporate NLP

The NLP GUJARAT is the India’s leading Corporate Trainer of NLP and Corporate and Communication Excellence. We offer a suite of courses to ensure corporate excellence. These courses range from:
• High Achievers Programmes
• Executive Training
• Business Application Training
• The Business Coach
• Introduction to Sales
• Advanced NLP Selling Skills

The NLP GUJARAT has researched and integrated NLP processes into applications to enhance corporate excellence. The NLP GUJARAT delivers any of our public programmes in house or can design a specialist course based on the corporate needs. The courses range from sales, customer services, team building, leadership skills, presenting skills and accelerated learning.