Upcoming Sessions - Due to limited space, please schedule your dates as early as possible, and contact us for information about the availability of specific dates.

15-06-2019 NLP For SalesGoaMr. Pawankumar Singh 03 Days 15th June to 17th June Corporate
06-04-2019 NLP For Bussiness ExcellenceIndoreMr. Pawankumar Singh02 Days 6th April to 7th April Individuals
02-03-2019 NLP For Bussiness ExcellenceRaipurMr. Pawankumar Singh 02 Days 2nd March to 3rd March Individuals
09-01-2019NLP PractitionerBarnawaparaMr. Pawankumar Singh05 Days 9th January to 13th January Residential
29-06-2019NLP PractitionerRajkotMr. Pawankumar Singh 05 Days 29th June to 3rd July
14-04-2019 NLP PractitionerMount AbuMr. Pawankumar Singh 05 Days 14th April to 18th April Residential
01-11-2020NLP PractitionerBarnawaparaMr. Pawankumar Singh05 Days | 1st November - 5th November | Residential
02-11-2020NLP Associate PractitionerWebinar Session ( Zoom App )Mr. Pawankumar Singh07 Days | 2nd November - 8th November | Online
17-11-2020 Himalaya Trip 2020Haidakhan Ashram, NainitalMr. Pawankumar Singh 09 Days | 17th November to 25th November | Breathwork Mediation | Kriya Yoga
05-12-2020NLP For Sales PsychologyPatnaMr. Pawankumar Singh02 Days | 5th December - 6th December | Hotel Red Velvet, Patna
11-12-2020 NLP For Sales Excellence AhmedabadMr. Pawankumar Singh 03 Days | 11th December - 12th December - 13th December | Hotel Lemon Tree, Ahmedabad
23-12-2020NLP PractitionerMount AbuMr. Pawankumar Singh05 Days | 23rd December - 27th December | Residential

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