NLP Trainer's Training

The final level of NLP Certification will take you to unconscious competence with NLP for you personally, in your business and in your delivery of NLP. If you want to fully embody NLP in your personal life, or if are looking to be an NLP Coach or Therapist, if you want to use NLP in a Training situation, apply with many people at once in training, leadership, negotiation, consulting or if you want to Train NLP Certification courses – this is the next course for you.

During the two-weeks of this training, you will greatly increase your personal development, confidence, consulting, design, delivery and training skills! This is an internationally recognized NLP Certification course, at the successful completion of this program you will be awarded a Certification as an NLP Trainer.

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Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is a personal development system developed in the early 1970s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. It uses a mix of strategies, axioms and beliefs about human perception and subjective experience. NLP’s core idea is that an individual’s thoughts, gestures and words interact to create one’s perception of the world (called maps of reality). By changing one’s outlook, therefore, a person can change his attitudes and actions, hence, the results.

In NLP, Neuro is for nervous system and neurological responses. Language is the tool to describe and create experience and meaning. Programming can be equated to computer programs only in this case it refers to response systems of humans based on past experiences, value systems and external stimulus. Richard Bandler and John Grinder studied three successful therapists Fritz Perls (originator of Gestalt Therapy), Virginia Satir ( highly acclaimed family therapist) and Milton Erickson (famous hypnotherapist) to develop NLP. They “modeled” (a technique widely used in NLP) the therapists and developed special “patterns” for communication, rapport-building and self improvement.

This course is open to any trained NLP Master Practitioner with a desire to build more competence with the skills of NLP. Ultimately, the person who will benefit most from this training will be anyone working in the field of Human Resources, Training and Development, Education, Sales, Marketing, Coaching, Consulting and Change Management.

Often, people tell us that they do not desire to train or present yet wonder if they would benefit from NLP Trainers Training. We answer with an astounding Yes! Trainers training allows the participants time and skills to become unconsciously skilled in NLP, therefore being even more able to walk-the-talk of NLP.

The minimum age for this course is 18, the maximum is 105!

We have been asked countless times about what makes this NLP Trainer Certification different than the same type of program offered by other NLP trainers. In fact, we've been asked what makes our training style in general different from others. We find this a simple question. We use NLP to train NLP and in our NLP Trainers & Coaching Certification, we teach you to do the same.

In these 14-days you are earning how to use NLP to train, facilitate, coach, design, deliver anything. We unpack the methodology of using NLP to develop and train, consult and coach. You will learn how to format training, how to use representational systems, anchors, hypnotic language, meta-programs and metaphors to train and reach your audiences unconscious mind. You’ll learn how to use the stage and create spacial anchors, how to build group rapport, how to manage the group, how to manage your own state, how to test and assess for competency, how to know if you should be training, consulting or coaching; and what the difference is between them.

The expected outcomes – more confidence, more elegance as a trainer, better comprehension – learning – understanding by your students, students who RAVE about you as a trainer (because you are talking directly to them, aren’t you?) It gives you the certification to train NLP Practitioner if you want to – most of our students don’t want to – they are using NLP to enhance and improve what they are currently doing or what they desire to do.

Some of the best feedback and growth has come from people who already train professionally in other areas (leadership, sales, products, services, etc.) – the feedback is usually something along the lines of ‘I didn’t know I would learn and develop so much’…

• Designing and developing training programs
• Using NLP to train and facilitate
• Moving from information to inspiration
• Coaching for change to individuals and businesses
• Stage anchors for hypnotic presentations
• Using submodalities with states and training anchors
• Delivering nested loop metaphors
• Creating and maintaining group rapport
• Formatting and structuring training sessions with ease
• Creating a multi-level feedback strategy
• Building and maintaining a resourceful training state
• Presenting demonstrations and supervising exercising
• Bringing play and fun into training & consulting
• Developing your own style for presentations and training
• Business marketing and training sales strategies
• And much, much more!

Our programme is complemented by an exhaustive learning pack that consists of well designed training material .This easy to learn and fun, home learning takes around 120 hours, all of which you do before, during or after the course and at a time to suit YOU!, for example whilst driving, relaxing or exercising. During the formal training we touch on some of the theory you will already have learned from the pre-study, and update you with any recent techniques. You therefore spend much of the classroom time on practical exercises, "actually getting it in the muscle". The trainers and the coaching assistants will be there to give you feedback and support to heighten your proficiency. In addition, on the final day you will have the opportunity to integrate all you have learned on the course. 

In our experience, we have found that a lot of NLP Trainers are great presenters and that there is a definite difference between presenting and training. We aim at providing you experience in both training and presenting skills. Additionally, we know that a trainer in any field is also an exceptional consultant, and a consultant is also a great trainer. Therefore this two-streamed training will also assist you in gaining outstanding marketing, sales, negotiation, coaching and facilitation skills.

We know that a trainer in any field is also an exceptional consultant, and a consultant is also a great trainer. Therefore this two-streamed training will also assist you in gaining outstanding marketing, sales, negotiation, consulting and facilitation skills. Additionally, there may sometimes be a need to provide coaching to your clients. Through the use of a Needs-Analysis, you will be able to identify if you are needed as a Trainer, Consultant or Coach. We will help you to design and deliver this session too.

Training delivering and teaching knowledge and skills that can be demonstrated through new behaviors and attitudes. This training will assist you to develop, design and deliver training on any topic.

Coaching involves assessing and diagnosing the needs of an individual, team or business and providing a solution focus to help them reach their desired outcome. This training will assist you to appropriately access, design and facilitate a change model in any situation.

Coaching involves working with teams and individuals to identify, develop, harness and change personal resources, clear blocks, create plans and steps to execute.

The final two days of the course are assessment days which will include a closed-book test and a 40-minute presentation on an NLP topic. The tests and supervision are standard for NLP Trainer Certification courses and will be based specifically on the content delivered in the NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, and Trainer Certification courses. Prerequisite for this NLP Trainer Certification is a recognized NLP Master Practitioner Certificate. A copy of your certificate may be requested prior to enrollment unless you have graduated from a Master Practitioner Certification course from the NLP GUJARAT or ANLP.

Upon successful completion, the Certificate you receive is recognized internationally and follows international course content standards for NLP Trainer Certification. Graduates of this course are eligible to train NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification courses.

NLP Trainer's Training

When people research NLP and do their homework to find an NLP trainer, they most often end up training with us. When you are talking to prospective trainers, ask Why should I learn from you?

All of our courses meet and exceed the international requirements for NLP Certification

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Our Trainer use their NLP skills outside the classroom

Our class sizes are kept to a maximum of 15 participants so you have plenty of people to learn with, but you’ll never be lost in the crowd

There is no hype here either. We are authentic in our style and help you to be authentic in yours!

We go overboard on after course learning with so many tools, guidance, and expertise along the way!

Before you choose your NLP trainer- be sure to check out our article

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"I used to be afraid of losing my near and dear ones and Get Indulged In Bad Circumstances. This fear would haunt me throughout the day. I am so free now after NLP GUJARAT PRACTITIONER COURSE Feels like a burden lifted off my shoulder. I can sleep well and concentrate on everything I do For My Personal And Professional Excellence."
Sunil Sujnani • Business owner
"I used to have absolute anxiety about everything and anything I do at Office or Home. Now, my anxiety has come down so much that I am able to enjoy every minute doing what I do , without worrying about anything unnecessarily. NLP GUJARAT Practitioner Course has given me a lot of Happiness and peace In My Life."
Nidhi Trivedi • HR Manager